While we'd love to give you a specific date you can expect your order, that's not possible due to, well, a lot of things.  This  New York Times article says it best: "The world is still short of everything."  

 As small business owners in 2021, we're left in a bit of a pickle trying to navigate the current state of retail.


Do we halt business until we can be fully restocked? 

What does fully restocked even look like? 

Will things ever return to "normal?" 

Like many business owners, we don't know the answers to those questions. 
What we do know is people love our pillows.  
It started with a watershed moment on January 18, 2021 where we sold more pillows in one day than we had sold in the previous 3 years. Since then, thousands more customers have become part of our Pillow Family, and the reviews are pretty unanimous: Our pillows are worth the wait!  


customer review that pillows are worth the wait 



We anticipate that your order will take from 6-12 weeks to arrive, but that time frame is not guaranteed due to volatility in both global and domestic transit. 
When you place your order, make sure you check the box to sign up for email communications. This allows us to send you regular email updates about our inventory.  
Your method of payment is charged as soon as your order is placed, and you will receive an automated email confirmation as soon as you place your order.   

 You will receive an automated email when your order ships, including tracking information. 
We will send email updates to our customers when we have major inventory updates. These updates can include ETAs on our containers, updates when containers arrive, and how quickly orders are shipping out.  

 You can email us any time to get a specific update based on your order number, to change your shipping address, or to cancel your order if you've changed your mind about your purchase. Please contact us at hello@onefreshpillow.com. 



Not everything you dreamed it would be? Rest easy, we’ve got your back.

You have 30 calendar days from delivery to request a refund.

We recommend sleeping on your pillow for at least 7 nights to give your body time to adapt. You can also call or email us if you need help in optimizing your sleep experience. If One Fresh Pillow™ isn’t right for you, maybe someone you love will think it’s a perfect fit. Let a friend or loved one try it for a few days. If it’s just not going to work, contact us and we will process your refund minus the shipping costs.*

*Yes, you read that right. We will give you a refund of your purchase minus shipping costs. We do not ask you to return the pillow as we cannot sell it or donate it. We trust that you will be cool and not take advantage of our policy. We reserve the right to request the items be returned. You may also choose to return the items to our recycling facility. In either instance, we will provide a mailer bag with prepaid shipping.