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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a pillow subscription?

Pillows have historically been treated as durable goods when, in today’s materials, they really aren’t. To be fair, it’s not the materials themselves that won’t last forever. Left alone, they will outlast any of us.

Inside pillows, though, these materials are getting beaten up. We lay our big heads on them, sweat on them, toss and turn on them. They start to clump up, they aren’t as supportive as they used to be, and then your pillow isn’t as effective as when you bought it.

Our subscription service makes replacing your pillow painless

How often should I replace my pillow?
Ideally, pillows should never have a birthday.
Why aren't your pillows in stock?
Just like almost every other industry, global shipping issues have impacted our ability to replenish our inventory. We have pillows on the way, and we'll alert everyone when they're back in stock.